I use my own secret places to create dramatic backdrops of seascapes and landscapes. The focus is mainly on black and white prints but colour photography is also very much in my repertoire. I have the skills to transform anyone who wishes to have a photograph taken. In fact my artistic ability enables me to enhance the appearance of the subject to create an impression of clear beauty, without focusing on the negative images we sometimes see of ourselves everyday in the mirror.

Hi...This is Donudes, a web by...photographer Chusakun. Expect to find a bit of everything here including resources, recent work, personal tidbits and whatever else that can not help but be share
Koh Samui is one of Thailandís most fascinating & exotic holiday destinations. It is the largest of 80 islands consisting of rocks and reefs which lie off the Eastern coast of Surut Thani province and is a perfect location for fine art nude photography and wedding photography.

I personally photograph every wedding on Samui, I do not employ other photographers to shoot more weddings than I can handle myself. I also do all the creative post production editing to complete the images and I design all the albums and montage layouts. I like the fact that the finished product is entirely mine to be proud of and take responsibility for. When you book me for your wedding, you book me personally.

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